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Mandala’s debut EP just weeks away

After months of waiting, experimental instrumental outfit MANDALA will be releasing their debut EP Error Carried Forward over the next few weeks. The EP will include Wind Secular, which was released via the band’s social media pages a few months back. Alongside this will be five other tracks, details of which are as follows: 1. … Continue reading

Mutant Zombie Foetus

University bands get a bad reputation. Here today, gone tomorrow or just a group of guys pissing around in halls with some instruments. Not Mutant Zombie Foetus though, who through blood, sweat and booze have made quite the name for themselves as you will see in this interview with vocalist and guitarist Toby Gibbons. Live … Continue reading

Top 10 Heaviest Albums Ever

Kerrang have announced their top ten heaviest albums of all time. Slayer’s Reign in Blood topped the countdown. Full of ferocious riffs and hugely controversial lyrics it isn’t difficult to see why. With over 20 years of Metal on display in the countdown, as well as a 1968 classic by the Beatles, there is something … Continue reading


Lou Reed & Metallica There have been many collaborations over the years which have gained the attention of music lovers worldwide. When it was announced that Lou Reed and Metallica would be releasing an album together music lovers raised a collective eyebrow. Music forums across the internet seemed to be focused on one question. How would … Continue reading

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