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Mandala’s debut EP just weeks away

After months of waiting, experimental instrumental outfit MANDALA will be releasing their debut EP Error Carried Forward over the next few weeks. The EP will include Wind Secular, which was released via the band’s social media pages a few months back. Alongside this will be five other tracks, details of which are as follows: 1. … Continue reading

Mandala Interview

Mandala members Oli Mortham and Jack Fargher speak openly about their life on the university circuit, upcoming live shows and what’s next for the instrumental progressive metallers… How did Mandala come to be? Oli: Technically, mine and Jack’s musical love affair was sparked by an ice-breaking chink of our pint glasses on the first night at … Continue reading

Online Music Streaming

Ever since the internet changed the way we work in the mid 1990’s music, distribution has been fluctuating to suit the wants and needs of the consumer. Whether it be the opening of iTunes in 2003 or music social networking sites such as Myspace and Last.fm, music has become a huge part of the online … Continue reading

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