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Mandala’s debut EP just weeks away

Mandala's debut EP Error Carried Forward just weeks away

Mandala’s debut EP Error Carried Forward just weeks away

After months of waiting, experimental instrumental outfit MANDALA will be releasing their debut EP Error Carried Forward over the next few weeks.

The EP will include Wind Secular, which was released via the band’s social media pages a few months back. Alongside this will be five other tracks, details of which are as follows:

1. Before the Storm
2. Wind Secular
3. Shah Mat
4. Head of a Martyr
5. Stranger in the Chair of State
6. Terry’s Caribbean Museum

When asked about the recording process, guitarist Oli Mortham said:  “We did it all at a studio called ‘The Mill‘ in Diss, just outside of Norwich. It’s very aptly named as it is literally a defunct windmill that had its roof blown off in a storm many years ago, and was then converted into a studio.

“It’s just one tall circular room, which provides for a very intimate, relaxing and homely environment to record in on the one hand and also a great ‘roomy’ acoustic quality, which we took advantage of the give a more raw sound in comparison to our two old 8 minute epics, which were very hyper-produced.”

The band, are currently an instrumental two-piece, completed by drummer Jack Fargher. They are however looking for a vocalist who would be the final piece of the MANDALA puzzle, and hope this release will help with their search.

Oli added: ” The best way to describe Error Carried Forward is definitely raw, stripped down and brutal…a side of us which is definitely showcased in our live shows. The songs which made the final cut are shorter than our previous releases and more fast-paced too, and despite the EP being instrumental is kind of acting as an advert for prospective singers, as the songs are a lot more vocal-friendly.

“We have a few people who have asked to audition for us, and are still looking for people to put their foot forward to do so. That, in combination with the two of us moving to London soon, will mean a lot more opportunities to play live, and the EP is kind of our reintroduction on to the scene.”

The band were formed while both studied at Reading University and have since tightened what is a brilliantly raucous live show. If you get the opportunity to catch them live, don’t miss it!



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