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Silverstein announce details of new album ‘This is How The Wind Shifts’

Silverstein live at The Rave, courtesy of Lovrek Photography

Canadian post-hardcore band Silverstein have announced details of an upcoming sixth studio album to be released in February titled This is How the Wind Shifts.

The album will be released on February 5 and will contain 14 brand new tracks, the first of which has been streamed online by the band and can be heard at the bottom of this post.

It has been revealed the album will be another concept album from the band, although not in the same vein as the band’s fourth album A Shipwreck in the Sand.

The band’s vocalist Shane Told said: “The idea of this album is how a persons life can change forever with just one event. It is the “what if” that everyone thinks about from time to time.”

“This album is different from a typical start to finish story concept album, or an album where all the songs have a common theme. Each track has a parallel track that tells the story in a different light, what would have happened if things were different due to a single event. The song titles of each parallel track go together, forming a sentence or in some cases two words that relate to each other and to the story,” he said.

Told added: “Overall, the point of this album is not to prove the existence of fate, or to disprove it. It’s a discussion of life, of loss, of trial and error, of success within failure, of failure within success, of the struggle between your actions and your feelings, and how those don’t always go together. This Is How The Wind Shifts is a journey that jumps around but stays cohesive, with underlying meaning and stories that have a real human meaning and cater to the soul.”

To find out more about the album, including full track listing and information on how to pre-order, visit the band’s homepage.



4 thoughts on “Silverstein announce details of new album ‘This is How The Wind Shifts’

  1. Saw the band live a while back, loved them!

    Posted by Perky Mcjingles | January 11, 2013, 19:17
    • They’ve been on my “must see” list for a while, but it seems every time they visit the UK I am busy

      Posted by liveandloudrock | January 12, 2013, 10:20
      • I’d actually gone to see one of the support acts, not being a big silverstein fan at the time, but yeah they are a definite must see! And because it was quite an intimate gig, the band were hanging around afterwards and they were some of the most humble people I’ve ever met!

        Posted by Perky Mcjingles | January 12, 2013, 11:35
  2. Nice, I haven’t been lucky enough to meet that many bands yet. I did go see The Xcerts in Reading in a room barely big enough to hold 50 with no backstage, so when it was over they just came and drank with us for half an hour or so.

    Posted by liveandloudrock | January 12, 2013, 11:47

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