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A Day To Remember announce new album title

A Day To Remember, Courtesy of Party Wounds

Florida five-piece A Day To Remember have been relatively quiet since the release of their fourth studio album What Separates Me From You, but things are about to change.

The band’s guitarist, Kevin Skaff, has broken the silence recently, tweeting out to his followers that the band’s fifth album will be titled Common Courtesy, ominously adding “I would tell you to prepare. But you can’t prepare for this.”

This is the first official news from the band since late 2011, when it was announced the band had a bunch of tracks they were working on for a future release. It has now come to light that the album’s lead-single will be This is Not What We’re Supposed To Be, a track which didn’t quite make the cut on the last album, but will apparently be featuring on Common Courtesy.

Although there is no word from the band as to when the album will be released, it is thought Common Courtesy will be with us by the end of the year, which will be music to the ears of A Day To Remember’s loyal fans.


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