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Alter Bridge Live at Wembley

Myles Kennedy, Alter Bridge frontman, courtesy of Luigi Orru

Alter Bridge wowed crowds across Europe last year, and this release is the culmination of that tour, recorded Live at Wembley Arena.

Having had the pleasure of seeing the Cardiff leg of the tour I was more than slightly disappointed to find out the CD/DVD would be recorded at Wembley, rather than in Cardiff. That said, having already experienced the band live, this release gives me the chance to see whether they can bring their live show consistantly.

The answer to that is a resounding yes! From start to finish, the album delivers the show in brilliant quality. From the epic Metalingus, which WWE fans worldwide have embraced as a particular favourite after it was used as Edge’s theme music, to the acoustic section of the show, Myles Kennedy and co do not fail to impress. Myles Kennedy is on top form, his vocals floating perfectly over the technically brilliant riffs, as well as causing the hairs on the back of your necks raise during the exquisite Watch Over You

The track-list showcases the band’s career perfectly, taking tracks from all three Alter Bridge albums, which too many bands fail to do in this day and age. A real annoyance is the omission of certain tracks from the set-list on the CD section of the Live at Wembley release. The DVD has the show in its entirety, encompassing everything that make Alter Bridge the brilliant live band they are. However, five tracks: Before Tomorrow Comes, White Knuckles, Broken Wings, One Day Remains and Open Your Eyes, do not find their way onto the audio release. This may not bother those who buy the physical copy, which I urge you do, but anyone who prefers to download their copy will not get the full live show, which is disappointing, especially as some of the tracks missing are real fan favourites.

All in all, this is another stellar live album from the Florida four-piece, showing the obvious progression from the 2009 offering Live in Amsterdam. The omission of fan favourite tracks from the audio CD is annoying, but when you sit down and watch the DVD/Blu-Ray you will be encapsulated from the first riff right through to the closing lines of Rise TodayThis is a must for any Alter Bridge fan’s collection and acts as yet further proof Alter Bridge are one of the greatest rock bands on the circuit today.



2 thoughts on “Alter Bridge Live at Wembley

  1. I absolutely adore and worship Myles Kennedy’s talent and Alter Bridge in every form, however I have to say that Myles seems to be going through the motions these days…taking breaths rather than singing it out as I know he can and has done. I love Myles and have purchased this anyway and the DVD is near perfect, just saying what would make it truly perfect…

    Posted by KAW | March 30, 2012, 09:54
  2. Yeah, I think the band have come on a long way since the first live album was recorded in Amsterdam and it seems to me at least that they have been looking to liven up their live shows somewhat. That is not saying the shows weren’t great before, but the amount of audience participation which was started by the band on this latest tour is much more than I had experienced on previous tours.

    Posted by liveandloudrock | April 3, 2012, 17:36

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