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Mumford and Sons “Doom-Folk” Second Album

Mumford and Sons to follow in Black Sabbath's footsteps, courtesy of howsmyliving

Mumford and Sons have revealed that their eagerly awaited second album will be “doom-folk”.

Speaking to Rolling Stone earlier this month, the band revealed that the album was almost complete. Bassist Ted Dwayne said: “The second record is just a reflection of our mindsets, where we’re all at. It’s doom folk, kind of like Black Sabbath meets Nick Drake.”

Dwayne went on to say that this was not a decision made by the band, but just the natural result of the writing process. “It should come from emotions in your heart, not so much your head.”

The album will be the follow up to 2009’s breakthrough album of the year, Sigh No More, and has a lot to live up to, gaining the band Grammy nominations and being named Album of the Year at the 2011 BRIT Awards.

The success that Sigh No More afforded the band has led to the experimentation on the second album. Dwaye added: “It’s been a really great couple of years for the band and I suppose it has instilled us with confidence.”

The as yet unnamed album has no official release date other than being out sometime in 2012. Until then, here is a reminder of why Sigh No More allowed the London quartet such mainstream recognition.


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