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Punk Goes Pop 4

Punk Goes Pop 4 has been released on Fearless Records and is available to listen to online for free.

The album contains 13 cover versions of recent pop hits recorded by artists spanning numerous genres, including pop-rock and metalcore. As is always the case with the Punk Goes… compilations humour is the name of the game in places.

Although this release is nothing to take overly seriously, these compilations have always led to one or two bands breaking into the mainstream rock scene off the back of their cover versions. This is likely to be the case again, as both Pierce the Veil and Woe, Is Me have released their tracks as singles.

Highlights on the album include Silverstein’s interpretation of Kayne West track Runaway and Tonight Alive‘s brave attempt at covering Little Lion Man, originally by Mumford & Sons.

The album can be listened to in its entirety on Fearless Records Soundcloud page, or in the embedded player below.




2 thoughts on “Punk Goes Pop 4

  1. Not as strong for me as previous offerings. Thought Super Bass was about the only highlight for me. It gave me a few laughs, which is all I expect to be honest. None of these songs I would consider getting permanent copies of, and that is a shame.

    Posted by Tom Derrick | November 29, 2011, 19:12
    • Yeah It isn’t the best collection of songs they have ever put together. I personally like the Silverstein track but you are right, most of these are just rehashed pop songs with very little thought needed. I am very surprised that they were allowed to cover Little Lion Man though, some songs should be left untouched. That said it is a highlight as it is one of very few tracks which was enjoyable in its original form!

      Posted by liveandloudrock | November 29, 2011, 20:24

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