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Online Music Streaming

Ever since the internet changed the way we work in the mid 1990’s music, distribution has been fluctuating to suit the wants and needs of the consumer.

Whether it be the opening of iTunes in 2003 or music social networking sites such as Myspace and Last.fm, music has become a huge part of the online world.

The question is, has this begun to have a detrimental effect on the music industry, both on the large scale and locally as well?

The argument goes both ways, some people believe that the ability to listen to entire albums online without so much as paying a penny is outrageous and takes all of the money from the music business.

Others argue that without the ability to sample songs online, music sales would drop dramatically as people are unlikely to gamble their money on the possibility that they will enjoy a particular album.

Below is an interview with a Cardiff University Post-Graduate who believes that music being readily available online is a positive for the industry.

The Track sampled in this interview is Spaniard’s Sign by Mandala.



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