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Love Part 2


Angels and Airwaves are a strange entity. Created following the break-up of Blink-182 in 2005 many fans saw the band as the reason for the split and resented them. Others waited eagerly for the album that Tom Delonge claimed would change the face of rock music forever.

The problem is that 6 years and three albums later, the superb work that Delonge promised is yet to be released. Now that Blink-182 have reformed, can Angels and Airwaves deliver the type of rock album that Delonge promised when they first came together?

The first three tracks on Love Part 2 (Saturday Love, Surrender and Anxiety) sound like they follow on exactly where the last album left off. Whether this can be seen as a positive or a negative is down to personal taste but If you were expecting the band to progress musically then these tracks will not fill you with hope.

That said, the later tracks in the album are of a much higher quality. The mass of synthesizers and echoed vocals are cut back creating a much more raw sound. This is most evident in album highlight Inertia. Although it does sound fairly similar to Blink-182 track Snake Charmer in places, the huge riff found here will ingrain itself into your brain for weeks.

So, overall this album doesn’t exactly set the world alight and the promise of an album that will change the face of rock music has still not been fulfilled. However, at times Love Part Two sets itself apart from anything the band have released to date. This will not be the best album you hear this year, but it is definitely a step in the right direction for Angels and Airwaves.


Track Listing:

1. Saturday Love
2. Surrender
3. Anxiety
4. My Heroine (It’s Not Over)
5. Moon As My Witness
6. Dry Your Eyes
7. The Revelator
8. One Last Thing
9. Intertia
10. Behold A Pale Horse
11. All That We Are



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